Tropical Storms In The Bay

Hey guys i’m back, unfortunately not with another movie review but have no fear movie review guy is still here. I’m back today to post about a little local tree service in Palm Harbor where I currently live. If you watch the news or have family in florida then you probably know about the storm that just rolled across FL. Although it wasn’t a hurricane the winds and rain were pretty strong, strong enough to rip off weak tree limbs and completely knock over the taller weaker ones. I had a really large palm tree in my backyard that i was meaning to get an arborist out to look at but never did *FACE PALM*. Long story short the tree came down and destroyed my screened in pool area. First thing in the morning I gave this tree service called Palm Harbor Tree Pros a call. Im greeted courteously over the phone the man tells me he can have someone at my address in 30 minutes, he arrives in 20. They only charge 165$ to completely remove this giant palm tree bet part about it they finished in under 2 hours. Shitty experience GREAT SERVICE. If you ever need any tree service and you live around the bay give these guys a call.

Tree Service Palm Harbor Fl


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