Suicide Squad Review

Hey there it’s Norm and i’m back today with a movie review that I was pretty hyped up about seeing. If you haven’t seen it yet chances are your not a fan. Many people have been waiting for this films release the marketing campaign on this movie was ridiculous. Ok lets get into overall and i’m going to start with this….it wasn’t everything I expected, I’ll elaborate. During the movie the entire world is supposed to be a stake of being destroyed yet the battle and how the characters traveled throughout the movie made the whole cataclysmic event seem very small and unimportant to say the least. ¬†Now onto what was nailed in the movie. The actors that played the group of misunderstood misfits, were spot on. From Margot Robbie who played Harley Quinn all the way to Jay fernando who played El Diablo. However strange the event that’s taking place in this deserted city the action scenes are well directed leaving satisfying full of¬†haymakers quickshots and straight bruteforce. Although this movie is action based the comedy aspect of this movie is very much alive it’ll have laughing at the weirdest times. To wrap it up the movie was good just dont expect it to stand up to the hype most things never do anyway. This movie is definitely worth a watch that’s all for me now. CYA have a great weekend



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