Stranger Things

Hey there i’m back again and this time with a review for the Netflix Original “Stranger Things”. Boy o Boy where to start with this one. Well the entire vibe of the show is very mysterious its set in a small suburban town around the early 80’s. The starring cast is made up of kids no older than 15. They capture the essence of boyhood and just being a kid. Well when this show starts by episode three you don’t whether to think aliens, government testing or some other Strange thing…see what I did there? Well the trailers are great about not giving any spoilers away so I will be the same. On a personal note I enjoyed the show due to its time setting i love the 80s I’m a 90s baby so I dont know whats up with that. A good movie to compare it to would be super8 and no that’s not a spoiler i would compare it to Super 8 because the ¬†overall feeling that is portrayed by the children and the early 80s time setting. So if your in the mood for some suspense and mystery give it a watch i’m sure you’ll ¬†enjoy it as well.


-The Review Guy

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