The Get Down

Hey there guys it’s Roger and it’s time for a netflix original review. The original that i’ll be reviewing today is “The Get Down” have you heard of it, have you seen it? This new Netflix show has everything that i enjoy, action, drama, music, and its set in 1970’s New York. The story will grab your attention and wont let go until the last episode in part 1. O yeah it’s filmed in parts there are 8 one hour long episodes in Part 1 I’m assuming there will be another 8 in part 2. Hmm this is a show for you if you enjoy hip-hop or just music and general, the show is telling a tale of how rap came to be. Its very interesting to see how they used to DJ back then as well. The show adds to the drama being that it’s filmed in the Bronx right around the time of the Bronx Burnings.  The characters are all very entertaining. Some big actor names in this series are Jaden Smitth, Justin Smith and last but not least Shaolin Fantastic is played as Shameik Moore. I’m trying to avoid all spoiler alerts so this is it hopefully i peaked your interest and you’ll go enjoy it for yourself. Until next time guys have a great one.

-The Review Guy


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