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Hello visitors my name is Roger and I’m an avid movie watcher and television critic. I enjoy the cinematic experience in itself add a great movie and I’m in paradise. My favorite shows and movies are always switching, i don’t understand how people have a favorite movie or show for the entire life. There are just so many choices and there all so different. You’re really limiting yourself with just choosing one…..that mentality is probably why I’m still single :). Anyway enough about Roger “The Review Guy” me. So what i gave myself a nickname deal with it. This blogs purpose is to give insightful reviews of movies and TV shows. Ill have different categories such as comedies, dramas, horrors, thrillers, action and so on. The order of those genres do not depict my preference in anyway honestly i love them all..but lets no go there again. Well that’s it for now I’ll be back later with my first review on one of my recent favorites A Netflix Original. Cya Enjoy your FRIDAY

-The Review Guy

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